Spy Games – Adam Brookes


Published in paperback on 10 March 2016 by Sphere

Fearing for his life, journalist Philip Mangan has gone into hiding from the Chinese agents who have identified him as a British spy. His reputation and life are in tatters. But when he is caught in a terrorist attack in East Africa and a shadowy Chinese figure approaches him in the dead of night with information on the origins of the atrocity, Mangan is suddenly back in the eye of the storm.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away on a humid Hong Kong night, a key MI6 source is murdered minutes after meeting spy Trish Patterson. From Washington, D.C. to the hallowed halls of Oxford University and dusty African streets, a sinister power is stirring that will use Mangan and Patterson as its pawns – if they survive.

Deeply steeped in tension and paranoia, Spy Games is Adam Brookes’ follow-up to his award-nominated debut Night Heron and a remarkable, groundbreaking spy thriller.

My thoughts on Spy Games

After reading Night Heron, I was desperate to see what happens next to the lovely heroic and slightly naive Philip Mangan. Spy Games effortlessly follows Night Heron and brings the now familiar Mangan, Patterson and Peanut back.

Mangan is in Ethiopia, far away from Chinese authorities. Mangan was outed as a spy, so has to live cautiously and quietly. He is still working as a journalist. He is contacted by a Chinese man, with secrets. The Chinese are in Ethiopia, making their mark on the region. They have not forgotten Mangan. He has a choice and he goes for it. He gets in touch with MI6 and of course, his handler Trish Patterson in London. Mangan ends up in Thailand, getting into all sorts of trouble. A pawn in a spy game.

I was slightly envious of Mangan. He may have a tough time, as he is sucked into the espionage world again. But he gets to travel to and see some wonderful places. We see him living in Ethiopia and going to Thailand. We get fascinating insight into the different cultures. It feels very authentic and is a credit to the writer.

This would make a superb television spy drama, along with Night Heron. Can I suggest Damian Lewis for the part of Mangan?

I really didn’t want it to end. I want the third part of the trilogy, to see what is going through the mind of Mangan. It is that kind of read.

A terrific heart-thumping spy thriller. Recommended.


Night Heron – Book One in the Trilogy


My recent Q&A with the author Adam Brookes, on the publication in paperback of ‘Spy Games’





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