I Came to Find a Girl – Jaq Hazell


I Came to Find a Girl is self published and available from Amazon here

You’re young, and you’re out partying.
You know how to look after yourself, don’t you?
Everyone has that moment when, through no fault of their own, they render themselves vulnerable to harm.

When art student Mia meets famous artist Jack Flood, she later wakes naked in his hotel room with no idea what has occurred. She fears she may have been filmed for one of his future artworks. Should she go to the police? And what has happened to her missing friend? Women are being murdered, and the city seems a more dangerous place.

I Came to Find a Girl is a psychological thriller set in Nottingham about a young art student’s twisted ‘relationship’ with famous artist and convicted serial killer Jack Flood.

My thoughts

I came to Find a Girl is a dark psychological thriller by Jaq Hazell. It is a coming of age drama; the story of a young woman’s encounter with evil.

Mia is a rather naive fine art student in Nottingham. One day, she meets famous and slightly odd artist Jack Flood. Flood is a man who goes around with a camera, capturing his every moment and experience. Mia’s encounter with Flood leaves her obsessed, with questions and fears. Told mostly from the perspective of Mia and Flood’s video diaries, we get a strong sense of the harsh world of art and the deadly streets of Nottingham. Mia’s friend is murdered. There is a killer out there. Life becomes increasingly tough for Mia and she has to grow up quickly.

With themes of date rape, celebrity worship and insights into the bizarre world of art, this reflects some of the darker elements of the world. Mia unintentionally becomes the focus of Flood’s attention, as a kind of muse and ends up being a part of his displayed art. There is a strong feeling that art has become lost, with no sense of morality or consideration for others. And that in the present day, women are as vulnerable as ever to those who may prey on them.

A thought provoking and enjoyable drama, that was an education about the art world. Mia’s growth as a character kept my attention throughout the book, and the little twist made me smile. Well worth a read!


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