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Welcome to a week long tour and celebration of the very excellent thriller Spare Me The Truth.

Yesterday on Steph’s Book Blog, the focus was on the Appeal of Spies and James Bond. Today it is all about Losing Your Identity, a topic that fascinates me. I also ask C. J. Carver if there is anything she would like to forget.

Spare Me The Truth by C. J. Carver is available now from Amazon. My glowing five star review is below. I’m a massive fan. Check out this book NOW!


Losing your identity

People truly struggle living with a large memory gap. Some use a journal to keep a grip on reality, but most rely on loved ones for their memories. This became the engine for my book because I couldn’t imagine anything more frightening than discovering everyone you know has lied to you about how you lost your memory.

A friend of mine lost great chunks of her memory recently and has no memories from pub lunches we’ve had to trips we’ve undertaken. She has to trust me absolutely when I say we’ve done something together, and I have to be absolutely honest in my recall. Another friend had his head crushed in a motorbike accident and not only did he suffer memory loss but he underwent a personality change – just like my character Dan Forrester.

Is it morally right to erase part of someone’s memory even if that memory is traumatic? If say, a soldier suffers PTSD so badly they are unable to function in the real world (they can’t get a job, can’t go outside and live institutionalized because of their traumatic memory) then I think it could be justified.

I knew of a soldier who, quite suddenly, stripped naked in the middle of a supermarket and lay face down, spread-eagled on the floor. Shoppers thought he was insane, but he was having a flashback to the war and the only way he could show he wasn’t armed, was to strip and show he wasn’t hiding any weapons. This was an intelligent, high-functioning individual who was disabled and thus unemployable due to these flashbacks. In my view, if his memory could be erased, the flashbacks would stop, and he could function normally again.

However, if someone has a broken love-affair and wants to pop a pill to take away the memory, I’m not sure if this would be appropriate. Part of human life is learning by the mistakes and choices we make and if we erase these memories, what becomes of us? We could continue to make the same mistakes, but endlessly, year upon year. How depressing!


Is there a most embarrassing thing, that you would like to forget?

Yes. And although it’s too embarrassing to disclose here, I wouldn’t want to erase that memory because it’s part of me and I learned from it. If I erased that memory, I could be bound to repeat it – which is something I most certainly wouldn’t want to do!


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  1. Great guest post – I really want to grab a copy of this book and read it asap now! 🙂

  2. crimeworm says:

    I did a Blog Tour for this book a few weeks ago (??) and have to agree, it’s really good. Although there is a mistake, near the end, with the knife, did you spot it?

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