Phobias – David Jackson: A Tapping At My Door


*** Welcome to a week long celebration of A Tapping At My Door ***

Yesterday Gordon chatted to David Jackson about his lovely lead character, Nathan Cody. This can be found here on Grab This Book. 

A Tapping At My Door is available now from Amazon and everybody is loving it. Here is my glowing review.

Today we have a fascinating article written by David Jackson on phobias. Scary! And a competition.

Day Two: Coulrophobia or Bust 

There is a fantastic use of commonly held phobias throughout the book. Are you possibly building your own subconscious fears into the story when you place your characters in peril? 

I don’t think they are necessarily my subconscious fears, but I deliberately make good use of fears that are prevalent. I don’t want my books to become outright horror stories, but I would say there is a fine line between crime and horror, and that sometimes it can be useful to blur that distinction. 


Have you encountered any unusual phobias (the kind that make you stop a conversation to ask ‘You’re scared of WHAT?’ 

There’s a friend of mine who is an ex-police detective. He has seen all manner of gruesome sights during his career, and is one of those people who finds post mortems fascinating. One thing he can’t abide, however, is the cutting of fingernails. He can watch a skull being cut open, but has to turn away if fingernails need to be clipped. 

Is writing a convincing thriller a balancing act between plausible peril (building on natural fears) and borderline horror? 

I’ve just realised I’ve answered that question above! I find that most people are perfectly willing to suspend their disbelief for the sake of a few thrills and chills. 


Tell us your phobia with the hashtag #atappingatmydoor on Twitter for a chance to win a copy of the book! Go on… I dare you!

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