Crimefest 2016 – Blogger Highlights!


Crimefest – 19th to 22nd May 2016 Bristol

On 19th May 2016, I went to Crimefest in Bristol.

It was a BIG adventure, meeting Twitter friends, much loved authors and celebrating the vibrant world of crime! I chatted, I interviewed A LOT, I shrieked with joy at spotting my faves, I was a juror on the Making a Murderer panel (cool eh!) and I got to know some super bloggers.

Liz of Liz Loves Books and I interviewed many AMAZING and talented crime writers and we will be bringing these interviews to you shortly! We were aided and abetted by the lovely duo Vicki from Off The Shelves Books and Lisa Hall, best selling author and blogger. Watch this space!








Top Ten Blogger Moments

1. I met/saw/was in awe of lots of my favourite authors. I went to the special Peter James interview (2016 CWA Diamond Dagger Recipient). I have loved his Roy Grace books for YEARS. I heard him speak! I did!

2. I was on the jury of the absolutely wonderful ‘Making a Murderer‘ big event, with Steve Cavanagh as Defence, Neil White as Prosecution and Sophie Hannah as Judge. If you ever commit a crime, you want either Neil White or Steve Cavanagh on your side. They know their stuff!

3. I saw/chatted to/was in the same room as (to name drop rather shockingly) C. J. Carver, Marnie Riches, Emma Kavanagh, Hugh Fraser, Eve Seymour, Steve Cavanagh, Sophie Hannah, Neil White, Mark Billingham, Matt Johnson, Rod Reynolds, Ann Cleeves, Sarah Hilary, Claire McGowan, Amanda Jennings, Lisa Hall, Steven Dunne, David Young, Dave Jackson, Caroline Mitchell, Helen Cadbury, Alison Baillie … over the course of Crimefest. I actually MISSED a few people. It is that large an event. I could have done with an extra few days. I wanted to meet/chat to Mari Hannah, Kate Rhodes, Tim Weaver, Chris Ewan, Anya Lipska

4. I met fabulous and lovely bloggers…. Liz, Lisa, Tracey, Sharon, Raven and Vicki. Friends for life! It’s good to know who I am chatting to now.

5. I live tweeted #crimefest16 from panels, including the Peter James one. I interviewed some lovely authors about their books, with Liz and co. There is nothing better than hearing an author chat passionately about their book. When I spoke to Paul Hardisty about his series, I could feel myself understanding Clay so much more.

6. I discovered new authors (new to me and new to the world), that I’m really excited about. I went to a couple of the debut author panels. I cannot wait to read the following: Alex Caan, Sanjida Kay, Kevin Murray, Corrie Jackson.. There is so much talent! We are so lucky!

7. At Crimefest, if it’s not all happening in the panels, look to the bar. Plenty of happy, smiley bloggers, writers, publicists and publishers plus random people sitting there to chat to, with a drink in their hand. You can literally look around the room and play ‘spot the author I’ve read’. You will definitely end up chatting to someone and not have a clue who they were, until later.

8. I missed Peter Davison. He was there! Grrrr! I had the biggest crush on him in the early 1980s. Note: I have actually met him years ago, in the 1990s. I used to be such a big Doctor Who fan.

9. I met the ever so lovely and talented indie publisher Karen Sullivan of Orenda Books. A name to watch out for! I interviewed and chatted to masses of Orenda authors. Lots of reviews coming up soon, as well.

10. It’s actually weird to think that a few years ago, I’d never heard of Crimefest. There were over 500 people attending, although it felt like 5000 at times. I managed to get lost a few times in the hotel. I’m sure they kept moving my room. Lisa Hall rescued me, thanks Lisa! There were tonnes of fun times; put Matt Johnson and JS Law together again (please), and we found out about the love of chocolate digestives by Hugh Fraser and that Rod Reynolds… Some people stayed up til all hours (mentioning no names!). Much alcohol was consumed. No murders were committed!

Thanks everyone! Lets do it again!


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  1. It was great to meet you, Christine, I had a fab time too (and also got lost several times) x,

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  3. How great, sounds like a delightful time. New bloggers to check out, thanks.

  4. crimeworm says:

    Sounds great, must admit I haven’t heard of some of these! In Stirling we had a wee debate where I said, that’s Anya Lipska, and Ed said, no it’s not, so we had to just ask her..I think you’ll find Stirling’s more about the bars…and I’d have Steve Cav defending me. Definitely. Even if Neil White changed over from prosecuting. I’m going to Stirling next week for the launch of Bloody Scotland ( only cos I’m going to be in Glasgow for the Bruce Springsteen gig!)

  5. evseymour says:

    Thank you for mentioning me. Did you attend the Kevin Wignall panel?! If so, blush…

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