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Deadly Harvest was published on 15th May 2016 by Orenda and is available here

A young girl goes missing after getting into a car with a mysterious man. Soon after, a second girl disappears, and her devastated father, Witness, sets out to seek revenge. As the trail goes cold, Samantha Khama – new recruit to the Botswana Criminal Investigation Department – suspects that the girl was killed for muti; traditional African medicine. She enlists opera-loving wine connoisseur Assistant Superintendent David ‘Kubu’ Benga to help her dig into the past. But as they begin to find a pattern, Kubu and Samantha suddenly find they are in a race against time…

It’s a pleasure to be introduced to a new series by Karen Sullivan of Orenda Books. I’m always on the look out for something a bit different, in the crime genre.

*** Deadly Harvest Blog Tour Review ***

Deadly Harvest is my introduction to The Detective Kubu series, set in Botswana. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the rest and devouring them. Detective Kubu is wonderful and it’s eye opening discovering a rich African culture! The writing team of Michael Stanley (Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip) are at their fourth adventure for Assistant Superintendent David Benga, known as Kubu.

The story is fascinating, dark and beautifully written. Botswana is a modern country, that still clings to the old ways of black magic and superstition. It seems very understandable at times, yet bizarre. Imagine wanting to get promotion at work and seeking the advice of a witch doctor to become more powerful. It’s a whole different belief system.

Samantha Kharma is new to the Botwana Criminal Investigation Department. She is a tough cookie and want to make her mark. She is drawn to the missing child case, suspicious about what may have happened to the girl. Kubu and Kharma are soon on the trail of a killer witch doctor, who has no qualms about using humans in his potions.

The Michael Stanley team have got the tone just right. Those of us who have read The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith might feel a little familiar with Botswana. Yet we get a whole new approach here. Much darker in tone, yet balanced by the decency of Kubu. Kubu is a lovely family man, devoted to his job. His understanding of the superstitions of his culture and how to use them to get results was fabulous. And who knew that AIDS was so prolific in that part of Africa? I had no idea.

This is a perfect read for those lazy hot summer days. Detective Kubu is a detective worth knowing. I now have a taste for more Kubu tales. More please!!!

Deadly Harvest is published by Orenda Books and can be ordered in paperback or digital formats here: Amazon

The authors can be contacted via Twitter:

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  1. I have this to read. Really looking forward to it now after reading your review. 😊

  2. Thanks for the great review. Much appreciated. Of course, the witchdoctors would argue that praying to a god for a promotion is little different from consulting them. They are both belief systems.

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