Crimefest 2016: Meet the authors with Corrie Jackson

So  I went to Crimefest  and it was criminally fun! Me and the very lovely Liz chatted to a few crime authors. Check out Liz’s place for a rather excellent interview with her favourite author, lawyer Neil White. His latest novels make up the Parker Brothers trilogy and he has a new novel coming soon from Bonnier Zaffre.

Today here it’s all about the very fashionable and brand new author Corrie Jackson, whose debut novel is BREAKING DEAD. Corrie’s book was published on 21st April 2016 by Twenty7. It’s getting some rather fabulous reviews. It will be out in paperback in September.

We started off by asking about Breaking Dead and its main protagonist, Sophie Kent. 

Corrie tells us that the main character is called Sophie Kent. Breaking Dead is set in London Fashion week. She went on to say that it is a great place to set a crime novel. Fashion isn’t all glamour. It can be very seedy. In Breaking Dead, a killer is targeting models.Sophie Kent meets a vulnerable teenage Russian model, whose death makes her feel guilty.

Liz has already read and loved Breaking Dead. Christine, at the time of Crimefest, was highly intrigued …

We went on to find out more about Corrie Jackson. She has a background in the fashion world. So it is a bit unusual to move to crime…

Corrie used to work for Grazia magazine, from 2007 to 2008. This sounds very glam to me and Liz. However there were two murders very close together, of young gorgeous women. Corrie reminded us of the darkness running through the fashion industry: of sex, vulnerable girls and anorexia and the exploitation of girls. We had both heard something of this. Corrie had masses of contacts in the fashion world and was able to use what she knew.

I (Christine) was dying to get my hands on the book after hearing Corrie chat about it. The fashion world isn’t really my cup of tea. But it sounds like a perfect setting for crime and murdery goings on. A dark place. I now have a copy and am about to get started… Watch this space for a review!

We were intrigued about how Corrie went about researching murder..

It’s always fascinating finding out about authors and how they research. For Corrie, she did masses of reading on crime, forensics and police procedures. She chatted to the police and crime reporters. She met a Canadian reporter, who helped her to shape the character of Sophie. (Interesting eh!)

We chatted about social media and how much of a lifeline it is for authors. They can research using Twitter and not feel so alone.

Finally our “ask everyone” pair of questions including that killer one from Vicki..

 If you were writing a book about your life, what would it be called?

I was told there would be canapes…. Confessions of a Magazine Girl. 🙂

Corrie took a little time to come back to us with that. We love her though, so it’s OK.

Recommended Books

Tana French – Corrie loves the brilliant writing style and her characters.

Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places

Thanks SO much to Corrie for taking the time to chat to us. We love you…. Over at Liz’s blog, don’t forget to catch Neil being all lawyerly and chatty about his crime novels.

Later this year when Corrie’s novel is released in paperback, there will be a really brilliant article on Liz Loves Books where Neil has interviewed Corrie about all things publishing. The pair of them are hilarious so make sure you tune in for that. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!

Check out all about Corrie Jackson here and grab a copy of her acclaimed book here.  


Thank you all xxx



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