Silent Scream by Angela Marsons – Blog Tour Guest Post

Silent Scream

Welcome to the Silent Scream Blog Tour and a guest post from the lovely Angela Marsons.

Best selling author Angela Marsons has taken the world of crime by storm. So far her books have only been available to us e-reader addicts. From 14th July 2016, everyone will be able to pick up a paperback copy of Silent Scream. I happily predict lots of new fans for Angela Marsons.

Here is my five star review of Silent Scream from 2015.

Angela Marsons today shares her Five Writing Commandments with us..

 My Five Writing Commandments

There are certain rules that have become self-imposed during my journey. These are not necessarily things I’ve read about but just things that have become absolute musts for me on each new journey.

  1. I don’t share my first draft with anyone

In the early days of writing I couldn’t wait to share what I’d written. Any sentence I was proud of I wanted to shout about. Over the years I have learned that any comment – negative or positive – can colour my view on the rest of the story. Now, the first draft is my time, it’s my playground. It’s my opportunity to learn the story and fall in love with it. For me, that relationship has to be cemented before I share it with anyone else.

  1. I don’t plan my story to death

I normally begin with a vague beginning, middle and end but even that is subject to change as the story progresses. I once planned an entire book down to the last chapter. By chapter 7 I was bored to tears and gave up the whole project as I had not left any room for the plot to grow organically as I wrote.

  1. I am brutal not precious

Draft two is when I type the handwritten pages on to the computer. At this stage I discard entire pages, chapters and even storylines if they no longer fit the picture in my head. Nothing is ever wasted. Everything we write hones our skill further. We speak many words during the day but we don’t try and record them all. More words will come and they will be better.

  1. Research a lot but use a little.

Research is one of my favourite parts of the writing process as it is another opportunity to learn. I deliberately choose subjects that interest me or that I want to discover more about. Before I begin writing I read factual books and make copious amounts of notes. Sometimes entire pages of facts are reduced to a single line in the finished book. It is tempting to try and communicate all that you’ve learned but I only use what is relevant and moves the story forward.

  1. I trust my gut

Some decisions are made with the head and some are made with the heart. I like to think my gut response is a sensible mixture of the two. When I began Silent Scream I had a clear idea of how the relationship between Kim and a young girl with muscular dystrophy would progress. As I wrote towards that storyline my gut began to react most unfavourably to what I had planned. Eventually I had to reconsider my plan and change it completely. Once the decision was made the negative feeling went away.

Ultimately, find the rules that work for you but above all else – just keep writing.

Angela Marsons can be found on Twitter

Silent Scream is available on Amazon UK in e-book and paperback from 14th July 2016

And please check out the other bloggers on this tour! Thank you 🙂

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  1. Annie says:

    Haven’t started this series yet, but will soon 😀

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