The Woman in Cabin 10 – Ruth Ware


Published on 30th June 2016 by Random House UK and available here

From the bestselling author of Richard and Judy pick, In A Dark, Dark Wood comes Ruth Ware’s next compulsive page-turner

This was meant to be the perfect trip.

The Northern Lights. A luxury press launch on a boutique cruise ship.

A chance for travel journalist Lo Blacklock to recover from a traumatic break-in that has left her on the verge of collapse, and to work out what she wants from her relationship.

Except things don’t go as planned.

Woken in the night by screams, Lo rushes to her window to see a body thrown overboard from the next door cabin. But the records show that no-one ever checked into that cabin, and no passengers are missing from the boat.

Exhausted, emotional and increasingly desperate, Lo has to face the fact that she may have made a terrible mistake. Or she is trapped on a boat with a murderer – and she is the sole witness…

My thoughts

The Woman in Cabin 10 is the sort of book you should avoid if you are planning on going on a cruise. It is the latest book by Ruth Ware, following on from the success of In A Dark Dark Wood.

Our heroine is Lo Blacklock, who goes to cover a press launch on a posh cruise ship. Lo, whose real name is Laura, has a tough few days; with a break up from her boyfriend and a traumatic burglary. One night, she wakes up suddenly and hears something happening in the cabin next to her. She believes she heard a body hit the water and she finds blood. Lo is desperate to make sense of it all and to alert the authorities to a murder. The only thing is that no one seems to believe her. The cabin was apparently empty. There was no one registered to that room. Only Lo seems to have met the woman in cabin ten. Did Lo imagine it all or has someone gotten away with murder?

Poor Lo. Seriously Ruth Ware gives Lo a hard time. I felt for Lo, stuck on a boat and feeling increasingly claustrophobic. She can’t even email or connect to the internet. Complete isolation. No one will really listen to her. She is labelled a drunk, someone with mental health problems and she is left frustrated at every turn. Lo clearly has anxiety issues, but she shows her mettle. We see her rise to the challenge of the mystery and regard her fellow passengers as suspects.

I had loads of fun reading this, seeing Lo go through the mill! It’s a very classic mystery a la Agatha Christie, with a modern heroine. The perfect quick read for a summer holiday.


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