Blood Symmetry – Kate Rhodes


Blood Symmetry was published on 14 July 2016 by Mulholland Books and is available here

Clare Riordan and her son Mikey are abducted from Clapham Common early one morning. Hours later, the boy is found wandering disorientated. Soon after, a pack of Clare’s blood is left on a doorstep in the heart of the City of London.

Alice Quentin is brought in to help the traumatised child uncover his memories – which might lead them to his mother’s captors. But she swiftly realises Clare is not the first victim… nor will she be the last.

The killers are driven by a desire for revenge… and in the end, it will all come down to blood.

Previous books in this brilliant series: Crossbones Yard A Killling of Angels  The Winter Foundlings and River of Souls

Thanks to Becca Mundy and Mulholland Books for my lovely review copy!

My thoughts

I LOVE this series. I will make it my mission to get everyone to read it. You have been warned! Blood Symmetry is the fifth in the fantastic series, featuring Alice Quentin.

Alice Quentin is a forensic psychologist and she is asked to help recover memories from a traumatised boy. A hospital consultant, Claire has gone missing, kidnapped in broad daylight with her young son. The son Mikey escaped; but is badly shaken and mute. It soon becomes apparent this is all about blood and the consequences of past actions. Claire is being tortured by her captors, kept alive for what she knows. Alice and her boyfriend, the very lovely Don Burns, see the case escalating to murder. Will they get to Claire in time to save her? Will they identify the kidnappers, from the massive list of people who feel angry at a terrible injustice done?

The story is based on fact, using the real life experiences of those whose blood became infected by contaminated blood transfusions, in the 1970s and 1980s. It is quite shocking, that people can have their health and lives ruined by tainted blood. The government dealt poorly with the victims in this scandal, rather unsurprisingly. These people are then left to deal with the consequences or die, before their time. It really makes you think!

It is always a pleasure to catch up with Alice. I feel like I know her. I want to be her. She is very easy to relate to. She has Burns now and they are officially dating. Lucky girl! She always seems to crack the cases and see through the complexity of it all. The way the drama unfolds is breath-taking and made my heart race. I was on tenterhooks, trying not to feel slightly nauseous about all the blood. There is a lot of blood here. For the weak stomached, beware. If anyone was torturing me and taking my blood, I would not last a minute.

Blood Symmetry is a story of revenge, injustice and a whole lot of blood. Please check out this whole series and fall in love with Alice Quentin. It is highly recommended.

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  1. I am not a series lover but this one does sound great, adding the 1st to my Wishlist. I may become a new fan too, great review.

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