Modern Crimes by Chris Nickson – Launch at Leeds Waterstones on 22nd September 2016



Last week, I went to a book event in my region. Exciting!!! I attended Chris Nickson’s book launch at Leeds Waterstones and I said hello to Chris.

Chris talked about Modern Crimes, his latest historical crime novel. It is set in 1924 Leeds, West Yorkshire. The protagonist, Lottie, is one of the first wave of female police constables. They were employed to look into ‘female’ crimes and lewd behaviour in cinemas. I can imagine it as a very ‘Life on Mars’, with a massive dose of sexism. Of course, Lottie gets embroiled in a bit of murder and mayhem.

It was very clear from Chris’s talk that he puts a massive amount of effort into research. He talked about getting the historical setting right and the various areas of the city he used, including Armley. He discussed the social changes in the police force. Women were allowed to join the police force, about a hundred years ago. Women like his fictional character, Lottie, were pioneers and heroes.


Chris read a couple of passages from the book and invited questions, from the audience. I was left very intrigued, wanting to get to know Lottie. Lottie sounds brilliant.

Watch out for my review of Modern Crimes very soon!

A few photos from the launch of Chris Nickson’s new book Modern Crimes


Modern Crimes by Chris Nickson can be bought on Amazon here: Modern Crimes

Chris Nickson can also be found on Twitter:


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