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Welcome to my turn on the #Crashland blog tour. Crash Land is published by Faber on 3rd November 2016 and is available to buy here.

What’s Crash Land all about?

Sitting in the departure lounge of Kirkwall Airport, Finn Sullivan just wants to get off Orkney. But then he meets the mysterious and dangerous Maddie Pierce, stepping in to save her from some unwanted attention, and his life is changed forever.

Set against the brutal, unforgiving landscape of Orkney, CRASH LAND is a psychological thriller steeped in guilt, shame, lust, deception and murder.

A bit about the author

Doug Johnstone is the author of a number of acclaimed thrillers, including Gone Again, Hit and Run and, most recently, The Jump.
He is also a freelance journalist, a songwriter and musician, and has a PhD in nuclear physics.
He lives in Edinburgh.


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My review of The Jump

My thoughts

Following hot on the heels of last year’s The Jump, I had high expectations for Crash Land. Doug Johnstone knows how to write a cracking thriller. Crash Land was masses of dark fun and incredibly engaging. I was shaking my head at the stupidity of Finn for most of the time.

The story itself takes us to remote Scotland. Finn lives on the Scottish mainland, with his girlfriend. He is coming back to Orkney, when he encounters an older mysterious woman. This sets off a tragic chain of events. Finn spends time with Maddie at the airport bar and falls under her spell. On the plane, Finn plays the hero rescuing Maddie from unwanted male attention. The plane crashes unexpectedly killing most of the passengers. Finn has to deal with the aftermath of this, both on a personal level and psychologically. What he really should be asking is whether he should trust Maddie?

Poor Finn. He really is the most naive man on the planet. He blindly trusts someone he has just met. His whole life spirals out of control. He loses his sense of morality, as he adjusts to the chaos of his life. My heart went out to him. It was easy to like Finn and to understand his foolishness. I spent most of the book willing him to be a bit more on the ball. I could see what was going to happen next. Maddie spelt danger to me, from the outset.

This is a fairly quick read, in which you become sucked into the unfortunate world of Finn. It is easy to forget everything and to be totally bewitched by the beauty and slight oppressiveness of Orkney and the growing complications surrounding Finn. I think the moral of the story is stay away from strangers at airports! Recommended!




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