The Bone Collection by Kathy Reichs – Blog Tour Review

The Bone Collection was published on 3rd November 2016 by William Heinemann and is available to buy here

What is it all about?

A collection of chilling tales featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan – including the untold story of her first case.

The No.1 Sunday Times bestselling author Kathy Reichs is renowned for suspense and fascinating forensic detail. Now she brings that same artistry to her first volume of collected short stories.

In First Bones, a prequel to Reichs’s very first novel, Déjà Dead, she at last reveals how Tempe became a forensic anthropologist. In this never-before-published story, Tempe recalls the case that lured her from a promising career in academia into the grim but addictive world of criminal investigation.

Three more stories take Tempe from the low country of the Florida Everglades, where she makes a grisly discovery in the stomach of an eighteen-foot Burmese python, to the heights of Mount Everest, where a frozen corpse is unearthed.

No matter where she goes, Tempe’s cases make for the most gripping reading.

Hello crime fans and welcome to my review of The Bone Collection, a collection of short stories. I am relatively new to Kathy Reichs, having only read a few of her books many many years ago. This is disgraceful, I know.

My thoughts

Every crime fan has heard of Kathy Reichs and her forensic crime series featuring Temperance Brennan. The Bone Collection is her first collection of short stories.

The first story ‘Bones in Her Pocket’ introduces Tempe. She describes in gorgeous detail how a body that has been submerged in waters presents. Tempe reads bodies and the clues they give us, after death. She compares her findings to a missing person’s report. Slowly Tempe gets a sense of who the police should be looking for. This is not a case of an accidental death, but of murder and animal cruelty.

In ‘First Bones’, we discover how Tempe Brennan entered the world of forensics. This is the story that starts before Kathy Reich’s first novel. Tempe is waiting in a Surgical Intensive Care Unit, watching a patient hooked up to a morphine IV line. This is someone she knows and cares about. The story switches to Tempe as a bioarcheologist and Phd student at the University of North Carolina. She is asked to help out on a case of a man who has been burnt to death. Be prepared to be unsettled by this story.

As a relative newcomer to this series, I found it all incredibly well done and refreshing. You really get a sense of the complex forensic work that Tempe does and how she adds to the police investigation. I always love how the explanations for oddities in the cadavers. For anyone who hasn’t dipped into this series, this would be an ideal place to start. Kathy Reichs shows her talent in this field and her capacity to engage the reader, with these great short stories. They did leave me wanting more.

Great authentic quick reads, for those of us into our forensic science. Ideal for those moments, when you want a well written intelligent story to fill a gap in your day. Not for the squeamish or easily scared. Recommended.

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