Hidden Killers – Lynda La Plante (Tennison #2)


Hidden Killers was published on 20 October 2016 by Simon and Schuster and is available to buy here

From BAFTA award-winning creator of Prime Suspect, starring Helen Mirren, comes the blistering follow-up to the bestselling Tennison.  Jane Tennison, a young, inexperienced WPC, learns the hard way never to take anyone, or anything, at face value, whether in her dealings with her police colleagues or when confronted by seemingly innocent suspects.
Hidden Killers sees Jane acting as a ‘decoy’ prostitute, with the hope of capturing a suspect wanted for numerous sexual assaults.  The attacker is drawn in and put under arrest.  Commended for bravery in the case, Jane is given CID status and moves from Hackney to Bow Street Station as Detective.  Her first call-out is to a non-suspicious death.  The victim is a young mother, drowned tragically in her bath, leaving a bereft and doting husband and a young child.
The two storylines interweave as Jane begins to doubt the evidence against her assailant in East London, and becomes certain that the young woman in the bath did not drown in tragic circumstances.  Two entirely different cases but one common thread – the lingering doubt in Jane’s mind around the evidence, and around her colleagues…

Tennison is reviewed here

My thoughts

In the 1990s, I fell in love with Prime Suspect. I loved Jane Tennison, played by the incredible actress Helen Mirren. I was inspired. Seriously who wasn’t a little in awe of Jane then. Lynda La Plante has brought back to life Jane Tennison, filling in the detail about what made her such a strong, gutsy and formidable character! Hidden Killers follows on from Tennison beautifully.

So we met Jane Tennison back in 1973, as a probationer joining the Metropolitan Police Force. In Tennison, we saw her learning the ropes in Hackney, getting involved with her boss and getting in on all of the action. Time has moved on in Hidden Killers. Jane is now at the end of her two year probationary period, with CID in her sights. Jane finds herself acting as a decoy prostitute, to capture a man wanted for sexual assault. Cue Jane in her sister’s borrowed going out clubbing clothes. Once in CID, Jane finds herself working a case, that no one else seems to believe is remotely suspicious. A young mother has been found dead in a bath, apparently drowned. Jane starts to dig, taking her absolute belief in evidence backing up theory and in the truth.

Anyone who was a fan of the original Prime Suspect series should be reading both Tennison and Hidden Killers. This really feels like Jane. It is a credit to Lynda La Plante, that she captures the essence of Jane so perfectly. It is Jane Tennison. We see Jane in a man’s world, surrounded by 1970s era prejudice. Once Jane gets her teeth into a case, she won’t let go. We know this from Prime Suspect and we see it here. She follows her gut instinct on a suspicious death and keeps on pushing. No one can stand in her way.

Bloody fantastic! More Jane Tennison please. Totally recommended!


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  1. I have heard of this author but haven’t tried her. Do you recommend reading Tennison first? Sounds like a great read.

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