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Ragdoll is published by Trapeze on 23 February 2017 and is available to buy here

A body is discovered with the dismembered parts of six victims stitched together, nicknamed by the press as the ‘Ragdoll’. Assigned to the shocking case are Detective William ‘Wolf’ Fawkes, recently reinstated to the London Met, and his former partner Detective Emily Baxter.

The ‘Ragdoll Killer’ taunts the police by releasing a list of names to the media, and the dates on which he intends to murder them. With six people to save, can Fawkes and Baxter catch a killer when the world is watching their every move?

My thoughts

Ragdoll is the debut by Daniel Cole, that EVERYONE is talking about it. It definitely gets the seal of approval from me, with its twisted dark themes and comic undertones. I had masses of fun, following the escalating Ragdoll Killer case to its bitter conclusion.

The story introduces Wolf, a London cop with attitude. In spite of his silly nickname, Wolf is a man worth getting to know. The Cremation Killer was responsible for Wolf’s fall from grace and his mental breakdown at the Old Bailey. Wolf is now back; although he is no longer paired with his sidekick Emily Baxter or with his wife, television journalist Andrea. Someone has killed, dismembered and sewn the parts of six victims together. The victim is pointing in the direction of Wolf’s flat. Soon Andrea is sent a list of potential new victims of this Ragdoll Killer. The media interest intensifies and explodes, as the hunt is on. How does this all link to Wolf? Will the police save the victims on the list? Who is the Ragdoll Killer?

Who doesn’t love a story with a completely psychotic twisted killer and a race against time to catch him? This is crime with a massive dose of explicit terror, to send chills into the reader. Not for the squeamish or the delicate. Daniel Cole keeps up the frenetic fast pace and the tension, sending us on a journey with the delightful Wolf. The ending hits the right note. It left me wanting more. Well more Wolf, actually.

Stop doing whatever it is you are doing, grab a copy and be prepared to fall in love with Wolf! You won’t want it to end. Recommended!

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