Tell Me A Lie – C. J. Carver


Tell Me A Lie was published by Zaffre on 12 January 2017 and is available to buy here

How do you protect your family when you can’t remember who’s hunting them? A gripping international thriller, perfect for fans of Lee Child and Mason Cross

A family in England is massacred, the father left holding the shotgun.

PC Lucy Davies is convinced he’s innocent

A sleeper agent in Moscow requests an urgent meeting with Dan Forrester, referencing their shared past.

His amnesia means he has no idea who he can trust.

An aging oligarch in Siberia gathers his henchmen to discuss an English accountant.

It’s Dan’s wife

From acclaimed and award-winning author CJ Carver, this is the next gripping international thriller in her brilliant Dan Forrester series.

Spare Me The Truth (book one in the series) is reviewed and loved here

My thoughts

Last year, I discovered C. J Carver and the ever so wonderful Dan Forrester. To my absolute delight, there is a follow up to Spare Me The Truth. Dan Forrester is back in Tell Me A Lie. Wooohooo!!!!!

This is an international spy thriller; that involves power, corruption and a spot of murder and torture. I adored every second, every moment in the adventures of Dan and Lucy. This is fast paced, that at times your head will spin trying to keep up!

Where are we now with the story? Dan still has his memory problems. Luckily he has his instincts to rely on and masses of courage. He’s a tough guy. After the death of his son, he lost chunks of his memory and he has to live with it. He worked for the intelligence services in the UK. He is asked to go to Moscow to see an old asset. Is it a trap? PC Lucy Davies is called to the scene of a massacre. A family has been slaughtered and it looks like the prime suspect is the father. Everything is connected. But how?

I am a huge HUGE fan of this series. I blame a childhood of James Bond films for my fondness for spooks. In my eyes, C. J. Carver can do no wrong. It is an exciting ride, as we see Dan travel at the drop of a hat to deepest darkest Russia and take on the baddies. I am ever so slightly envious of his spy adventures. Lucy, who should really be working for MI6, is tackling things in the UK with her usual gutsy style, joining up the dots and sussing things out. She need promoting for her pure brilliance and the way she travels the country in an old banger. Lucy and Dan rule!

Fabulous. Extremely fabulous. Read this series. It’s the best! Recommended!


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