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Stasi Wolf is published by Bonnier Zaffre on 9 February 2017 and is available to buy here

How do you solve a murder when you can’t ask any questions?

The gripping new thriller from the bestselling author of Stasi Child.

East Germany, 1975.

Karin Müller, sidelined from the murder squad in Berlin, jumps at the chance to be sent south to Halle-Neustadt, where a pair of infant twins have gone missing. But Müller soon finds her problems have followed her. Halle-Neustadt is a new town – the pride of the communist state – and she and her team are forbidden by the Stasi from publicising the disappearances, lest they tarnish the town’s flawless image. Meanwhile, in the eerily nameless streets and tower blocks, a child snatcher lurks, and the clock is ticking to rescue the twins alive.

Stasi Child was read and reviewed Book One Stasi Child

My thoughts

I’ve been longing for a little bit more Karin Muller. Really hoping and begging for more! I adored Stasi Child, the historical crime phenomena by David Young. Stasi Wolf is the highly anticipated follow up!

We travel in time back to 1975 and Eastern Germany. The political landscape is Communist Germany. This an enclosed society, where the person next to you might be spying and reporting back to the Stasi. In Stasi Child, we met the amazing Karin Muller. Karin is working within the system, in the People’s Police.

Karin Muller, our wonderful protagonist, returns with a vengeance. She is asked to go to Halle-Neustadt to investigate the disappearance of twin newborns. She is given many constraints. She cannot alert the local population that children are missing or conduct the kind of searches that are vital. Halle-Neustadt is a model town; the kind of place that is trying to attract newcomers to its concrete high rise tower blocks. It is a town with no street names, surprisingly. Bad publicity is forbidden by the Stasi. Karin Muller is forced to use clever and subtle means to catch those responsible.

David Young will win even more fans with Stasi Wolf, I have no doubt. I thought this was just a strong a read as Stasi Child, with the perfect blend of action, suspense and excitement. The era is captured magnificantly. Young is a superb storyteller, weaving in more of the backstory of Karin Muller with a highly emotive story. Karin Muller finds time to go back to her home town, unravel deep family secrets and start a new relationship.

This is top notch crime! I will be shouting about this book to everyone, everywhere. Read Stasi Wolf. Do it!

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6 Responses to Stasi Wolf – David Young

  1. Kay says:

    This sounds very good and I’m fascinated with the East Germany setting. I’ll see if I can find the first book here, perhaps at a used bookstore.

    • Christine says:

      Kay, you really must. David Young’s first book ‘Stasi Child’ has been massively popular. It’s a best seller here and its brilliant!

  2. crimeworm says:

    Another one I’m dying to read! I’ve a real weakness for Communist states as settings and Cold War thrillers, and I thought Stasi Child was a very strong debut. Did you know IKEA had children building furniture for them back then? (I was going to say “putting together furniture” but no, that’s the job of the buyer!)

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