Watch Me – Angela Clarke


Watch Me was published by Avon on 12 January 2017 and is available to buy here


The body of a 15-year-old is found hours after she sends a desperate message to her friends. It looks like suicide, until a second girl disappears.

This time, the message is sent directly to the Metropolitan Police – and an officer’s younger sister is missing.

DS Nasreen Cudmore and journalist Freddie Venton will stop at nothing to find her. But whoever’s behind the notes is playing a deadly game of hide and seek – and the clock is ticking.


My thoughts

Quirky best friends and crime fighting duo Naz and Freddie return in Angela Clarke’s Watch Me. This is the follow up to the rather fun Follow Me. Last time Clarke cast her sparkly eye over Twitter and now she turns her attention to Snap Chat. You really need to read Follow Me, which establishes the Naz and Freddie friendship and history.

Confession time! Snap Chat baffles me. Apparently you take a photo and send it someone. It is available for about eight seconds and then it’s gone. That is how it all works. This probably makes loads of sense, if you are a teen. I don’t see why you would want to.

Naz and Freddie find themselves looking for a kidnap victim. Snap Chat photos are being sent alerting the world that Lottie is in mortal danger. This victim is related to a police officer. She is a celebrity online. They have twenty four hours to save her. This looks like it could be linked to the infamous Apollyon, from Follow Me. Luckily he is behind bars. The chase is on to save the girl and the clock is ticking away.

This can easily be raced through at top speed, as you follow our crimefighters hunting for clues. It’s fast paced and rather amusing, with enough twists and turns to satisfy! I love how once again Freddie finds herself embroiled in a police investigation, rather randomly. Lucky girl! We all need best mates, like Naz. The contemporary edge to the drama reminds us how technology and social media can be used against us. Revenge porn illustrates how bleak the world has become.

Fun and uncomfortably close. Angela Clarke, once again, gives us a morality tale for our times in Watch Me. Don’t give away too much online. You never know what might happen.



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4 Responses to Watch Me – Angela Clarke

  1. I really enjoyed Follow Me so it’s good to know that Watch Me is another fun, twisty read – I think I may treat myself to a copy this weekend after reading your great review. PS. I don’t understand SnapChat either.

    • Christine says:

      Yippeee! That’s great, Hayley. I wonder who understands SnapChat. I think my sister is on it and she showed me a random weird photo her friend has sent. It was of a bus stop. Seriously! Odd!

  2. Kay says:

    I’m interested too, but definitely don’t count me as someone who understands much social media. I think I have a college niece who does SnapChat. You know, when I was that young, we had telephones – in our houses – attached to the wall – with buttons to push. My parents wouldn’t even let me have one in my room. Now, well, I’m just happy that my daughter is in her 30’s and not a teen. Off to find these books. As always, the best suggestions here. I wish I could read 23 out of 24 hours a day. LOL

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