City of Buried Ghosts – Chris Lloyd


City of Buried Ghosts was published by Canelo on 30 May 2016 and is available to buy here

Be careful what you dig up…

The atmospheric second crime thriller featuring Catalan detective Elisenda Domènech, for readers of Val McDermid and Ann Cleeves

Still recovering from the tragedy that hit her team, Elisenda takes on a new case. Except it’s not new. On an archaeological dig by the coast a body is uncovered, seemingly executed with a spike thrust through the front of the skull – an ancient tribal ritual. It soon becomes clear that this body is neither ancient nor modern, but a mysterious corpse from the 1980s.

Assigned to the case along with her team, Elisenda soon uncovers a complex world of star archaeologists, jealousy and missing persons. They find a dark trade in illicit antiquities, riddled with vicious professional rivalries. And even though she’s staying  close to the crime scene, Elisenda is also never far from enemies of her own within the police force.

Just as the case seems to become clear it is blown wide-open by another horrific murder. Elisenda must fight her personal demons and office politics, whilst continuing to uncover plots and hatreds that were long buried. How far will she go to solve the crime? Is her place in the force secure? And can she rebuild her life?

In City of Buried Ghosts Chris Lloyd has written an utterly gripping crime story set in one of the most stunning parts of Europe. With its extraordinary heroine and unputdownable investigation, it is the perfect crime thriller for this summer.

My review of book one in the seriesCity of Good Death – Chris Lloyd

My thoughts

After reading the rather wonderful City of Good Death and feeling a little bit envious of Elisenda Domenech for living in such a gorgeous part of the world, I moved onto City of Buried Ghosts.

We return us to the Serious Crime Unit in Catalan, Spain. Elisenda works with her small team to tackle some of the more gory crimes taking place in the region. Events in the last book have left the team at rock bottom, seriously demotivated and shaken up. Elisenda is given a historical case to work on, by her superiors. A body is found at an archeological dig in El Crit (The Scream). A Sony Walkman found with the victim suggests that this murder took place in the early 1980s. The race is on to identify the remains and to trace everyone connected to a dig from that era. The discovery of the body has a knock on effect in the present day. A new horrific murder takes place. Can Elisenda help heal the wounds in her team and find out what on earth went on at the dig in 1981?

This is a story of the archeological world and its hidden dark side. It is all about stolen archeological artefacts, two murders committed over a thirty year span and greed. Luckily Elisenda is on the ball, as she untangles the secrets and lies from the past. It is good to see the team move on and heal from the terrible events in City of Good Death.

This series is maturing rather nicely; with an engaging lead in Elisenda, dark undertones and a distinct Spanish flavour. Elisenda is becoming a firm favourite! I found myself once again looking up key parts of Spanish history and some of the places mentioned. This did not detract from my love of the book. Chris Lloyd has a way of telling a great complex story at a beautiful pace, which really sparks your imagination.

Looking forward to seeing what Elisenda and her team get up to next. Excellent stuff! Recommended!




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