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The Killer is published by Pan Macmillan on 23rd March 2017 and is available to buy here

A glossy and gripping crime thriller about survival and vengeance, it puts the pedal to the metal as it hurtles through contemporary London, from the glass towers of the super-rich to the down and dirty backstreets of organized crime and blackmail.

She was a woman, so they thought she’d be easy to kill . . .

Kaz Phelps is on the run – from the past, from the legacy of her criminal family, from the haunting memories of her murdered lover. The police want her back in jail and her enemies want her dead. While standing by the grave of her gangster brother, Kaz realizes she only has one option. To fight back.

Nicci Armstrong was one of the Met’s best detectives until personal tragedy forced her to quit. Now she’s responsible for the security of the super-rich who use her city as a playground. She is one of the few people Kaz might trust. But Nicci’s biggest mistake yet is falling in love with a man she knows is only using her.

Meanwhile, as envious rivals back home plot against him, a Russian billionaire searches for a special gift to keep the Kremlin onside, a disgraced politician dreams of revenge and a Turkish drug baron plots to purge his dishonour with blood.

My thoughts

Alert! Stop everything now! The final part of the Kaz Phelps trilogy has arrived! We have the answers to that shocking ending in The Mourner.

The Killer is the third instalment and sadly the last part of the dark and gritty Kaz Phelps series. It follows on beautifully from Susan Wilkins’ other two novels, The Informant and The Mourner.

For those of you who have somehow missed out on this series, where have you been? Background wise, you really need to have read the other two books to understand Kaz and her relationship with her dysfunctional family and Nicci Armstrong. The trilogy is as much about Nicci as it is about Kaz. Kaz comes from a tough family, of organised crime and violence. We have followed her as she tried to escape this terrible legacy, in witness protection. Kaz has returned to London, has lost a former lover and now a close family member has been murdered. Trouble seems to follow Kaz. Nicci is ex-police, working in private security for the mega rich. She is trying to cope with the demons from her past. She is the only one who seems to want to understand Kaz.

The end of the trilogy places Kaz in danger. She knows that she is a target. She is a marked woman, with international enemies on her tail. It is hard to know who to trust. Even people who appear to be friendly may have hidden agendas. We see her under fire and totally alone. She is determined not to let the police drag her back to prison. She has a choice, kill or be killed. Kaz handles it all brilliantly, with a certain style that you would expect from her. No one should even try to get the better of her. She is a match for anyone. What a woman!

Kaz fans, you will LOVE this! I guarantee it. Susan Wilkins has given us a magnificent and utterly gripping conclusion to the trilogy. I could hardly tear myself away from The Killer. I just love how Nicci has developed as a character, over the course of the series. Seeing Kaz back in action was definitely worth the wait. As well as turning this genre on its head, with strong gutsy women, Susan Wilkins has given us some truly memorable characters. This is a stunning finale to Kaz’s journey.

Totally and utterly recommended.

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    I’ve got this one – but haven’t read the first two! Aaaargh!

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