The Lies Within – Jane Isaac (Will Jackman #3)


The Lies Within was published by Legend on 2 May 2017 and is available to buy here

Amazon No. 1 Bestselling Author of the DI Will Jackman series


Be under no illusions by her kind face and eloquent manner… This woman is guilty of murder.

Grace Daniels is distraught after her daughter’s body is found in a Leicestershire country lane. With her family falling apart and the investigation going nowhere, Grace’s only solace is the re-emergence of Faye, an old friend who seems to understand her loss.

DI Will Jackman delves into the case, until a family tragedy and a figure from his past threaten to derail him.

When the police discover another victim, the spotlight falls on Grace. Can Jackman find the killer, before she is convicted of a crime she didn’t commit?

Previously in the seriesBefore It’s Too Late and Beneath the Ashes

My thoughts

YES! *SCREAMS* Jane Isaac’s rather dashing policeman, who has the saddest personal life is back. The Lies Within is the third instalment of the rather excellent DI Will Jackman series! In my opinion, it is the BEST to date. I urge you to devour the whole series.

It all starts at the trial of Grace Daniels. She is a mother and grandmother. An upstanding citizen or is she? This is a woman who does not appear evil. She has been accused of murder. How did she get here? Is she guilty or is this another miscarriage of justice? The time then shifts back to the murder of a young university student, Jo. Will Jackman becomes involved, when the cold cases he is looking into bear similarities to the Jo Lambourne murder. We follow this police investigation from the outset, through its twists and turns. We discover that Grace Daniels is the mother of Jo. The whole family is devastasted by their loss, in particular Grace. They are eager for answers and resolution. For Grace, it brings back memories of a trauma that she thought she had put behind her. Luckily, an old school friend appears on the scene to offer friendship and support. Will Grace and her family ever find out the truth about the murder of Jo? And how does Grace end up being tried for murder?

The story is part legal thriller, part police procedural with superb detail, with a dash of the pyschological thrown in for good measure. Something for everyone and incredibly well done. Jane Isaac hits the right note, time and time again. I was particularly impressed by the thrilling courtroom action! It’s very edge of your seat stuff. She draws the reader in from the outset, with the big questions. Did Grace commit murder or not? And what is her motive? The tension never lets up. Central to it all is Will Jackman, the Detective Inspector who is searching for the truth, along with his team.

As you might have gathered I am rather partial to Will Jackman. I love the way that Jane Isaac is drawing out his tragic personal circumstances. We are now on the third book and Will still cannot move forward with his life. His wife has locked in syndrome and it is unlikely that she will regain consciousness. It reminds me of the way that Peter James kept us hanging for years with the Sandy question. I approve.

And the verdict is …Once again Jane Isaac has given us something special! This is fresh, intelligent and packed with enough red herrings to fill a fishmongers. A must read series for crime fans everywhere!




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