Sunday Morning Coming Down – Nicci French (Frieda Klein #7)


Sunday Morning Coming Over is published on 13 July 2017 by Penguin and is available to buy here

It’s always darkest before the light comes. In the chilling seventh instalment of the bestselling, critically acclaimed Frieda Klein series, evil looms but this time it’s far too close to home . . .

‘There’s a body in Saffron Mews . . .’


Psychotherapist Frieda Klein’s home is her refuge until she returns to find it has become a disturbingly bloody crime scene. Beneath the floorboards the police have found the body of a man she had hired to help protect her.

The killer’s message is all too clear: you’re mine.

When those closest to Frieda begin to be targeted, the picture becomes more skewed: the patterns unclear.

Unless Frieda can find and stop whoever is threatening her friends and family, her love and loyalty could come at a truly fatal cost . . .

Previously in the series: Friday On My Mind and Saturday Requiem

My thoughts

It is Sunday. The Frieda Klein series reaches its penultimate book in Sunday Morning Coming Down. How I will miss Frieda and her band of friends, when it all ends!

As usual, Frieda gets caught up in all kinds of mayhem and violence. She is very cool in a crisis. This seems to surprise people. I love that about her. Luckily, she has her family of close friends to surround her.

A body of an associate of Frieda’s is found unexpectedly under the floorboards of her home. Shocking! Someone is sending her a message. Of course, we all know the cat and mouse game being played by Dean Reeve over the series. Will the police finally believe that he is alive? Frieda finds herself and her friends under the deadly spotlight. Someone is violently pursuing her, eager to get her attention and cause harm. Is it Dean Reeve or could it be that someone else has their evil eye on her?

Hugely enjoyable! This is such a strong crime series. I feel like I am a part of Frieda’s gang. Hopefully the resolution in the next book will be amazing! Dean Reeve, your time is nearly up! Recommended.


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