Bradford Literature Festival – Psycho Thrillers 8 July 2017

On Saturday 8 July 2017, I braved the extreme hot weather to go to the Bradford Literature Festival. This is one amazing festival catering for all kinds of book lovers. Definitely plan to go there next year, especially you northerners out there. I recommend looking at all of the brochure. I missed so much because I just concentrated on crime.

This is the account of the first panel I went to Bradford Literature Festival – Secrets of Crime Writing – 8 July 2017 in the morning. In the afternoon, I went to the Psycho Thrillers panel.



So welcome to my ramblings about the Psycho Thriller panel….

The Psycho Thrillers panel was loads of fun, with three very entertaining and articulate crime writers. Adam Hamdy, whose debut novel Pendulum was a massive favourite of mine, was there. I was one of the first to review his book and sing its praises. Read it! Plus Louise Doughty who has written Apple Tree Yard and Black Water. Steve Mosby, author of quite a few psycho thrillers including the 50/50 Killer was there.


The Psycho Thrillers panel

I remember reading Apple Tree Yard a few years ago and loving it. I also saw the BBC dramatization of it quite recently and was impressed. I had completely forgotten that Louise Doughty had a new book out in 2016. She talked quite a bit about Black Water. It is not a court room drama. It is very different from that, with a setting of Indonesia. It has the same theme of secrets. Plus it was a little bit controversial in Indonesia because of the period of history chosen. I will definitely be reading it now. Oh yes! I am intrigued.


Louise Doughty (middle)


Adam Hamdy (on the far right)


Steve Mosby

They all discussed killers. We are all fascinated by the dark side, aren’t we? Steve Mosby and Adam Hamdy were both talking about how we make them into icons. We give them names like The Ripper. Hamdy did the same in his book, with the Pendulum killer.

It was fabulous hearing Adam Hamdy speak about his book and the thrilling opening scene. I was hanging onto his every word. It really is one of those haunting scenes that stays with you, with someone at the mercy of a killer. I won’t tell you any more. You have to read Pendulum and see for yourself. He mentioned his new book Freefall, which I will be reviewing here very soon. Freefall will be out in November 2017.

That’s it, folks. Hope you have enjoyed my blog posts about #BLF2017 …. over and out!



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