Sleeping in the Ground – Peter Robinson (DCI Banks #24)


Sleeping in the Ground was published on 13 July 2017 by Hodder and Stoughton and is available to buy here

A terrible crime. No obvious motive.
Banks is on the case.

‘Top-notch police procedure’ – Jeffery Deaver

A shocking mass murder occurs at a wedding in a small Dales church and a huge manhunt follows. Eventually, the shooter is run to ground and things take their inevitable course.

But Banks is plagued with doubts as to exactly what happened outside the church that day, and why. Struggling with the death of his first serious girlfriend and the return of profiler Jenny Fuller into his life, Banks feels the need to dig deeper into the murders, and as he does so, he uncovers forensic and psychological puzzles that lead him to the past secrets that might just provide the answers he is looking for.

When the surprising truth becomes clear, it is almost too late.

My thoughts

Although I have not followed DCI Banks religiously from the start, I am pretty fond of him. I decided to read Sleeping in the Ground for Yorkshire Day. Sleeping in the Ground is the twenty fourth book from Peter Robinson. Impressive! Yorkshire Day is celebrated on 1st August every year.

It all starts with a wedding and a funeral. A sniper has taken out people at a wedding. Blood shed. Murder. A red wedding. A rampage killer is at large, in a gorgeous Yorkshire Dales setting. Banks and Annie, his long term side kick, are drafted in to solve this unusual case. It appears to be an open and shut case. On a personal level, Banks is mourning the death of his first love. This causes him much reflection.

Robinson shows that he is top of his game with Sleeping in the Ground. He describes a truly terrible event, with such expertise and humanity. We get a real sense of the slaughter at the wedding, as the guests are shot or dying. It is carnage. There is no sense of the author exploiting this. I was moved and chilled to the bone.

I like Banks. Although he is a bit of a misery guts and far too introspective. His love of poetry is quirky and slightly irritating. No one really likes poetry do they? He is probably a little bit too posh for me. He is a top detective, with decent instincts. I also love his team. Jenny Fuller is back from Australia and working as a profiler on the case. They have a past. I wanted to shout at Banks. Stop over thinking. Just get together with Jenny. Do it! I am sure men do not over think like that.

Another top crime tale for Banks and co in beautiful Yorkshire. I must admit that I am glad I never stopped reading this series. It is stellar!






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2 Responses to Sleeping in the Ground – Peter Robinson (DCI Banks #24)

  1. A rampage killer at a wedding.. what a euhm great setting ;-). I wish I could dive right in but seeing it is novel 24 I better not :-). A series I like to start with though, if you’ve read them all up to this one, they must be really good!

    • Christine says:

      Inge, it’s the sort of series you can just jump into randomly. I just got back into reading Banks from the book 23. It is easy to get into and follow.

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