The Fear Within – J. S. Law (Dani Lewis #2)


The Fear Within is published by Headline on 30 November 2017 and is available to buy here

Patricia Cornwell called J.S. Law’s first novel ‘addictively readable’. Now he returns with the second in the Lieutenant Dani Lewis series. Will be devoured by fans of Lynda La Plante’s TENNISON.

A young Naval Wren disappears from the warship Defiance.

With no trace of the girl on board, Lieutenant Dani Lewis, star investigator in the Royal Navy’s Kill Team, must work her way through a complex web of witness accounts to uncover why she might run, or what might motivate a predator to take her.

But even as Dani hones in on the truth, threads begin to emerge which take her back to the recent conspiracy uncovered aboard the submarine Tenacity, and even further to the serial killer who continues to taunt her from prison.

Is this a simple case of a missing girl or is the hunter about to become the prey?

Book 1 in the seriesThe Dark Beneath or Tenacity (as it was previously called) is reviewed here

My thoughts

I was a big fan of The Dark Beneath or Tenacity, as it was called then. J. S. Law created this atmospheric and gorgeous world of submarines and murder. You simply cannot go wrong with that. I am overjoyed to find a follow up to the claustrophobic The Dark Beneath. Lieutenant Dani Lewis returns in The Fear Within.

Dani Lewis is a member of the military police in the Royal Navy. She is based in the South of England, at Portsmouth. She is the sort of person, who will put herself in danger to investigate and rescue. She cares about her work. She believes in justice and the law. We see this to full effect, in the opening chapter. Lewis rescues a woman, held hostage by a homicidal and violent individual. Dani and her partner John are soon on the case of a MISPER. A teenage girl employed on a ship named Defiance has gone missing. Absent from Place of Duty. It is SA Moore, Natasha Moore. What has happened to Natasha? The narrative shifts between Natasha joining Defiance as a keen eighteen year old and the investigation into her disappearance, in the present day.

I thought The Fear Within was superb. The world of the navy is rather fascinating to an outsider. The nearest I have ever got to the navy is a visit to Portsmouth years ago. I remember seeing the ships loom in the distance. I cannot imagine what it is like to suddenly enter that enclosed mostly male culture and to have to fit in. We see Natasha try find her feet and make sense of it all. She is young and very vulnerable. She is soon aware of the ruthless joking, the sexism and the lack of privacy. It can be a harsh world.

As well as the the missing Natasha, there is Lieutenant Dani Lewis. Two great characters. We already have seen from The Dark Beneath what kind of mettle she is made of. Dani is the woman, we would all like to be. She gets beaten up and she fights back. She kicks ass. She works the system, even when it turns against her. She does not stop digging to get to the truth. I love her!

I really really loved The Fear Within. Read both books in the series and get to know Dani Lewis. They are delicious. A real slice of navy life, with a very dark undercurrent! Recommended!





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  1. Olin loved this fast paced thriller. Wish I’d read Tenacity first!!

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