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I am Gordon and I blog at Grab This Book. I mainly review crime and thrillers but from time to time some fantasy titles or even a graphic novel may float to the top of the review pile.

I have two cracking reads that I’d urge everyone to consider as a summer read. First up is Evidence of Ghosts by AK Benedict.



Now I know ghost stories are not for everyone (and this is why there is a second suggested book) however Evidence of Ghosts isn’t a haunted house horror tale. AK Benedict has written a brilliant thriller that just happens to have ghosts in it. They are everywhere, all around us, but only some people can see them.

So accept the ghost thing and consider the peril of a young woman, born blind but a recent operation has granted her some sight. She is finding her way in a whole new world when she realises her flat has had cameras equipped – someone has been watching her and she has had no idea.

My full review is here




For a less supernatural book then you want Blackwater by GJ Moffat. Perfect vacation escapism.

Described as “A Good Man. Some Very Bad Men. A Love Story and a Crime Story” this is a book which totally drew me in.

The lead character is a cop, living in working in the small US town where he grew up. Everyone knows his past and everyone knows the day his life changed forever.

He will find himself pitted against some bad guys who feel they have nothing left to lose – if they are going down then they are going out with a bang.

This is for the Jack Reacher, readers…those that want a hero to step up and save the day. Lets just hope he can.

 My Blackwater review is here



Amazon links to purchase your own copies:

Blackwater by G. J. Moffat

Jonathan Dark or The Evidence of Ghosts by A. K. Benedict



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