Top bloggers choose a #crime summer read: Steph at Steph’s Book Blog @sjroth21

Today it is the turn of Steph who blogs at to share her #crime summer reads.

I read a lot of crime fiction, and enjoy most types of the genre. I love a good series that uses the same characters. To my chagrin, I have fallen behind with many of them.

I’ve picked two, mainly because one which I really LOVED might be seen as a bit heavy for a summer read. It will be my top book of the year.


That book is Block 46 by Johanna Gustawsson. I picked it because this book affected me for weeks, after I read it. Reading about the atrocities that occurred at Buchenwald was devastating and how it affected the crime in modern day worked brilliantly. It made me think. How many people do you know who was affected by what went on WW2 on either side of the war? How many people were in a camp or whose family lost loved ones there?



The other is Two O’Clock Boy by Mark Hill. A deeply flawed main detective. There are many crime books where the lead character has baggage. Ray has more than most. It was original, with a theme that you see a lot on the news. This is a book that I hope will turn into a series. I can then add it to all of the series that I have fallen behind with.

Please check out Steph’s reviews on her blogBlock 46 and Two O’Clock Boy

Two O’Clock Boy can be bought here at Amazon UK

Block 46 can be bought here on Amazon UK

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