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Hi, my name is Sharon and I’m a crime fiction blogger. My blog is Chapterinmylife ( I’m a Scottish blogger and my biggest love is Scottish Crime Fiction, although I do read crime fiction set elsewhere. I also love attending Crime Fiction book festivals and book launches and blogging about them. Books and Blogging are my passion and I hope that today’s post gives you a wee bit of inspiration for your summer reading!

As an avid reader there are so many books I’d love to recommend to you but for this post, I’m going to settle for one of my favourite Scottish Crime Fiction series, The Davie McCall series from Douglas Skelton.

There are four books in the series and each one of them is worthy of a read. So why should you choose Davie McCall as your companion over the summer months?

Douglas Skelton just nails it on every level for me with this series, from killer hooks, fantastic characters and the most incredible sense of place I defy anyone to read this series and not be transported to the gritty underworld streets of my dear home city of Glasgow. There is just something so very special about Glasgow as a setting for crime fiction, the landscape, the characters and that very special Glasgow gallows humour, all wrapped up together they make for perfect holiday reading! Davie is more than just a Glasgow hard man though, underneath that hard shell there is a vulnerability about the man that will engage you and draw you deeper into his world; it is easy to “get” Davie and to know and understand why he does what he does. I’m not going to lie, I cried when this series came to an end, so engrossed was I with his character. If you love crime fiction and Scottish Crime fiction then I’d love for you to try this series out and let me know what you think and if it is a new genre for you then where better to start than with one of my all time favourite Scottish crime writers! Enjoy!

1. Blood City (


2. Crow Bait (


3. Devil’s Knock (


4. Open Wounds (

To purchase this series, check out Douglas Skelton’s page on Amazon

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  1. Thanks Christine! I hope some of you take the chance to read some of Douglas’ books! They are awesome! xx

  2. I’m definitely gonna have to get caught up with this series!

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