Top bloggers choose a #crime summer read: Dave at Espressococo @dakegra

Hi, my name is Dave and I’m a book blogger. I read a lot of crime fiction, fantasy and sci-fi, but will give most things a go. I blog over at where I also talk about movies and other stuff. Mainly books though!

Christine asked me to recommend a summer crime read – it’s been a tricky job narrowing it down to just one, so I cheated slightly…



The first book which sprung to mind was Chris Whitaker’s Tall Oaks. I’d heard chatter about Tall Oaks on twitter, mainly from Liz of Liz Loves Books. And Liz particularly loved this book, and wasn’t shy about saying so (is she ever?). I’d somehow managed to resist, citing an ever-growing, tottering TBR pile. But in a moment of lapsed attention, I found myself with a copy on my kindle. I settled in for a story of a small town and a missing child, thinking that I’d read stories like this before.

How wrong I was. Tall Oaks is a beautifully wrought tale of small town America, shot through with a deft line in wit and with what were to become some of my favourite characters in a book, ever. Manny and Abe, I’m looking at you. This book just draws you in. Beautiful, atmospheric writing.



And whilst you’re here (I was never that good at following rules), you should add Chris’ second book, All The Wicked Girls, to your list. Tall Oaks is phenomenal. All The Wicked Girls is even better. It’s out very soon!

You can find Chris on Twitter @whittyauthor. Tell him I said hi.

Thanks for having me on your blog Christine! It’s been fun. Same time next year?

To purchase Chris Whitaker’s books head to your local bookstore or check here!


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  1. MarinaSofia says:

    I loved Tall Oaks too – and oooh, that’s a nice new cover for it! I’m going to start reading All the Wicked Girls very soon…

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