Top Crime Bloggers choose a #crime summer read: Christine at #Northern #Crime @northernlass73

I’m Christine and you have reached my blog I know a fabulous crime read when I see it.

I want to point readers in the direction of two books. They are #mustreads for the summer. They sizzle and they rock. They are worth buying and hanging out with. Or just relaxing with …

My first choice is Girl Zero by A. A. Dhand.


As a girl born and brought up in Bradford, I lived through the years of the Yorkshire Ripper. I remember the fear. I left before the riots. I saw the prostitutes lurking near the university. I’ve always thought Bradford would be a superb setting for some seriously dark crime. Luckily for me, A. A. Dhand came along. Girl Zero is the second in the series featuring Detective Inspector Harry Virdee. It was published on 13 July 2017 by Transworld.

Well how can I make you all fall in love with this series? I have to mention the realism. Dhand paints a Bradford, that is bleak, multicultural and tough. We see through Virdee’s eyes and he is part of the Asian community. However Virdee is an outsider, having married a Muslim woman. Then we get a dollop of dark, dirty crime … from the drugs trade to child exploitation and trafficking to ugly murder. Thrown into this mix is a copper, who is treading a fine line. Virdee is your maverick, ready to break a few rules to achieve his goals. All in all, this is superb crime from a bright new voice. Guaranteed to make you shiver.

This is exactly what fans of dark gritty urban crime should be reading.

My review is posted here: Girl Zero – A. A. Dhand (Harry Virdee #2)

My second choice is Pendulum by Adam Hamdy.


Pendulum was published back on 3 November 2016 by Headline. The follow up to Pendulum is Freefall and will be published later on this year.

Go for a great quality summer read to get your heart racing fast…

As a keen fan of thrillers, I was totally in love with Pendulum from the first word. We get the most amazing introduction to a hero ever. John Wallace has been strung up with a noose around his neck. A killer is lurking in his flat. Wallace is forced to go on the run to find answers. This is the start of the most exciting cat and mouse chase, that becomes international. Wallace isn’t the only one targeted by this killer. This is a killer with an agenda. Wallace gets a great sidekick, in FBI agent Christine Ash. Love that name.

Read it by the pool, with a large glass of something alcoholic and time will fly!


My review is posted herePendulum by Adam Hamdy

Read something amazing this summer. I dare you!


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Girl Zero can be purchased here on Amazon

Pendulum can be purchased here on Amazon


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  1. RamblingLisa says:

    Just had to buy Pendulum! It was part of 3 for £10 and flip me it is hard to know what you own and don’t at times!!

  2. Loved loved loved both of these books! Fab choices Christine 👍

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