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Know Me Now is published by Bonnier Zaffre on 14 December 2017



A thirteen-year-old boy commits suicide. A sixty-five-year old man dies of a heart attack.
Dan Forrester, ex-MI5 agent, is connected to them both.
And when he discovers that his godson and his father have been murdered, he teams up with his old friend, DC Lucy Davies, to find answers.
But as the pair investigate, they unravel a dark and violent mystery stretching decades into the past and uncover a terrible secret.
A secret someone will do anything to keep buried . . .

Also by C. J. Carver: Spare Me The Truth and Tell Me A Lie

My thoughts

I’m a little bit in love with Dan Forrester. I confess. He is the kind of man you want on your side, when you are in danger. We previously got to know him rather well in Spare Me The Truth and Tell Me A Lie. Dan returns in Know Me Now, together with his trusty sidekicks DC Lucy Davies and Dr. Grace Reavey.

For those of you not in the know, Dan Forrester is an ex-spook. He has amnesia, which has resulted in most of his spy adventures becoming missing memories. He is married to Jenny, with his third child on the way. Dan finds himself surrounded by death and intrigue. The only two people he really trusts are Lucy and Grace.

A young teen commits suicide. Dan’s father passes away. What connects these two events? Dan is suspicious. Alarm bells are ringing. Dan is soon investigating in Germany, whilst Lucy and Grace are on the case in Scotland. Will the truth come out?

C. J. Carver once again gives us a gripping tale of deadly murder, conspiracy and unethical secrets and lies. This story feels like it could really happen today. It may already have happened. There is something sinister there, that feels like it could very well be true. As well as the underlying chilling story playing out, we get to see the three friends working together. One of the strengths of the books is the bond of friendship between Dan, Lucy and Grace and how this has evolved.

Know Me Now is a fabulously disturbing read! I was very much hooked from the first word, waiting to see how it all fitted together. Carver really is a must read writer for anyone who loves a bit of espionage and conspiracy. Totally recommended. You won’t regret it!






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  1. Adding to my TBR list, this sounds, as you say, ‘fabulously disturbing’. Great review. I also like that it seems true, like it can happen now.

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