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Everything Is Lies is published by Penguin on 22 February 2018

What if all your mother left you was a confession to a life you never knew she’d had . . .

When Sophia saw the note in her mother’s handwriting she felt a chill down her spine. ‘I can’t do this anymore. I will destroy him and I could destroy Sophia. I must make this right.‘ That’s when she looked out of the window; her mother’s body hanging from the big chestnut tree. Her father lying in a pool of his own blood.

The police suspect an attempted murder suicide. But Sophia could never believe that of her mother. She needs to clear her name name, and to do this she needs to wade into her murky past. But she soon discovers that the woman she thought she knew was involved in something so sinister it’s cast a shadow over her whole life . . .

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My thoughts

Helen Callaghan returns with a brand new psychological drama, Everything Is Lies. Her debut was Dear Amy, which I very much loved.

We get to know a Londoner in her twenties, Sophia. Sophia returns home to visit her parents, Nina and Jared. She finds her mother dead, in an apparent suicide and her father barely alive. Sophia is in shock. She wants answers. She finds herself looking into her family and its background. Who are her parents? Are they as normal and dull, as they very much appear? Sophia is soon uncovering long held secrets about Nina, via her written memoirs.

I absolutely had fun with this book. We all think we know the people around us. We really only know so much. Callaghan brilliantly exploits this weakness in our relationships with family. The book goes back in time to 1989 and follows a very vulnerable young female university student, Nina. This girl gets involved with the wrong crowd. Without giving too much away, we see manipulation and control played out. We start to understand how this can happen to anyone. We can all very easily be the victim, in the workplace or in relationships. In the present day, Sophia is seemingly much stronger than her mother. Sophia is having problems in the workplace with bullying and unprofessional behaviour. There is much food for thought.

This is my kind of read. It is a psychological tale, laced with truths about relationships. One to definitely look out for!






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