The Steel Shark – Rebecca Cantrell (Joe Tesla Book 4)


The Steel Shark was published by Amazon Media on 11 June 2017 and is available to purchase here

His dog. His computer. The tunnels under New York City.

That’s all Joe Tesla’s agoraphobia has left him with—the inside world, the dark world—and now the black depths of the sea.

In the latest book in this award-winning thriller series, Joe Tesla ventures out into the ocean depths in an underwater scavenger hunt. The competition turns deadly when a mystery sub rams Joe’s and leaves him for dead on the ocean floor.

Joe survives and his search for answers leads into a web of international intrigue and enigmatic weapons. When he shares his knowledge with the authorities, they bury his information and threaten to bury him as well. After a drone attack drives him out to sea, he realizes that he alone can discover the truth hidden in a rogue submarine…

…and save the city he loves from annihilation.

But can a man trapped inside by his own fears ever save the larger world above?

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My thoughts

Rebecca Cantrell returns us to the strange world of Joe Tesla. The Steel Shark is the fourth in this compelling and quirky series.

Joe Tesla is not your normal rich guy. He is eccentric. He is super-clever. His life is dominated by agoraphobia. He lives with panic attacks, if he dares to venture out into the open world. He stays beneath the city, in seclusion in the underground tunnels of New York and his hidden fortified home. His faithful companion is Eddison, a service dog. The closest person to Joe is his bodyguard, the smart and streetwise Vivian. Tesla has the knack of attracting trouble.

This time, Tesla is taking part in a charity race in a submarine. It is hard to believe that Joe Tesla has actually managed to escape his underground refuge and found a way to be an adrenaline junkie. Tesla owns his own cute submarine. Don’t all millionaires? And his dog is with him. Eddison accompanies him on a dive. Clever dog! However his submarine is attacked, with Vivian left injured. Another submarine competing in the race is also damaged, with a life lost. What is going on? Joe Tesla is caught up in a murder plot, which no one seems to be noticing. Suddenly Tesla is being blamed for the collision. No one is seriously investigating this ‘other’ murderous hidden submarine. Tesla’s life is threatened, with a hitman on his tail. Can Tesla trace the ‘steel shark’ of a submarine that is out there? Will he escape another hit on his life? Will Joe and Vivian ever get together?

We get underwater murder, with a difference. Who else would think of a submarine, as a cunning murder weapon? The occupants of that ‘steel shark’ of a submarine have a clear agenda. This we find out over the course of the novel. We get drone spying devices, with hidden weapons. There is the image of a dog swimming under water in a wet suit, clearly imprinted in my mind. Tesla’s dog followed him, into the depths of the ocean. Plus we get Cantrell’s trademark subtle humour nudging us along.

Whether it is underground or deep down under the sea, it is a pleasure to be with the lovely Joe Tesla again. He is one of those special characters in fiction, that you end up just falling in love with. His world is painted so vividly. It is one of danger, adventure and cool technology. Entering the imagination of Rebecca Cantrell is well worth it. The Steel Shark delivers a deadly bite.



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