Don’t Trust Me – Joss Stirling


Don’t Trust Me was published by Killer Reads on 23 February 2018 and is available to purchase here

Does Jessica know what the truth is?

A stunning psychological debut with a shocking twist

When she arrives at work to discover every trace of the company she was working for has disappeared, Jessica’s life spirals into freefall.

Her romance with Michael, a celebrated criminologist is already in trouble. He is sick of her unpredictable behaviour and is convinced she is a fantasist. When his flat is burgled and precious belongings that remind him of his dead wife are stolen, he blames her.

Forced to prove her innocence, Jessica sets out to unravel the events of the last few months. But when she stumbles on a dead body, the lies, deceptions and betrayals that have dogged her whole life come back to haunt her.

Can anybody trust her?

My thoughts

Don’t Trust Me is a strange psychological thriller. It is more of a mystery and the unravelling of a life. We follow a woman, who is simply fascinating: Jessica.

Jessica is the kind of woman, whom you adore as a reader. She has ADHD, which means she is prone to saying the wrong thing. Her mental health can become fragile. She gets hyper and restless. She is chaotic. She is unconventional. She lost her teaching job, due to her reckless streak. Her self esteem is rock bottom. She is full of self-doubt. She was a pleasure to discover.

Jessica works part time, using her psychology degree at a detective agency and lives with her older boyfriend, Michael. Jessica’s life goes pear-shaped when she turns up for work one day. Her place of work has vanished. The locks have been changed. Jacob, her boss has disappeared. Her live in relationship with Michael ends, on a sour note. Suddenly Jess has no job, no relationship and no home. Michael, we discover, feels that Jess is one of life’s fantasists. She lies about everything. Jess is left trying to sort out the pieces of her life. She digs for information. She wants to know what is the truth in her life. She wants to trace the owner of the detective agency. Who was he? Where did he go? She needs to know about her boyfriend’s now deceased wife, the lovely Emma. She feels this might make sense of Michael and their relationship. She finds Emma’s diary and starts poking her nose in.

This is one gripping read. We really understand Jessica and see her warts and all. We forgive her, for her odd ways. We are really rooting for her. We need answers. The title ‘Don’t Trust Me’ feels very wrong. We do trust Jess. We trust her to find answers. We know she is very capable of solving the mysteries in her life. She gets things wrong. This makes her seem very human. This draws us to her. She gets things right, as well. She seems to have the knack of finding information.

Yes, I had fun with this. I enjoyed Jess and her refreshing perspective of the world. It was different. It felt real. I wonder if Jess will stick at being a private detective? Recommended.




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