Death Is Not Enough – Karen Rose (Baltimore Series Book 6)


Death Is Not Enough is published by Headline on 17 May 2018 and is available to purchase here


A ruthless gang leader. A deadly vendetta. A dark past exhumed… KAREN ROSE returns with the break-neck follow-up to MONSTER IN THE CLOSET, and the sixth book in the heart-pounding Baltimore Series.

Gwyn Weaver is as resilient as anyone could be. Having survived an attempted murder, she has rebuilt her life and reclaimed her dignity and strength. She’s always known about her feelings for defence attorney Thomas Thorne, but as her friend and a colleague there could be no chance of anything more… or could there?

Thorne has known violence and pain all his life. He’s overcome the hardships thanks to his own steel, and the love of his loyal friends. Now he’s thinking it might finally be time to let his guard down, and allow himself to let in the woman he’s always admired from afar.

Then Thorne’s whole world is torn apart – he is found unconscious in his own bed, the lifeless body of a stranger lying next to him, her blood on his hands. Knowing Thorne could never have committed such a terrible crime, Gwyn and his friends rally round to clear his name.

But this is just the beginning – the beginning of a brutal campaign to destroy Thorne, and everything he holds dear…

My thoughts

I do love a good Karen Rose novel. She always hits the mark. Death Is Not Enough is the latest in the Baltimore series. We finally get to see Thomas Thorne star in his own story. I expect all of us have been dying for this one, to be released. Thorne is a big character and one who is well loved, by all.

The story sees defence lawyer, Thomas Thorne, in a bit of a predicament. Thorne is found in bed, with a suspected drugs overdose and a dead woman. His finger prints are on the murder weapon. It seems like a cut and dried case. However Thomas is innocent. Someone is setting him up. Someone wants revenge. Someone is trying to slowly destroy his life, piece by piece. Luckily Thomas has the loyal Gwyn by his side and a set of amazing friends, to come to his rescue.

Karen Rose fans won’t be disappointed. You will love it. We get the perfect story for the lovely Thomas Thorne. We also see him grow close to Gwyn, as their friendship strengthens. There is not too much of the romantic stuff. Rose gets it just right. As usual, we see masses of familiar faces from previous series. I could really do with a chart to help me out with remembering who is who. There is a vicious psychopathic killer, who wants Thorne to really suffer. And he does. It is all very delightful, as we are cheering for Thorne and his friends to succeed and get their man.

Brilliant. Another winner from Karen Rose. Recommended.

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