Dead Girls – Graeme Cameron (Normal 2)


Dead Girls was published by HQ on 31 May 2018 and is available to purchase here

Five missing. The hunt is on for number six.

With five girls already missing and two dead police officers to add to the body count, the hunt is on. But how do you catch a man who doesn’t exist?

Held captive for months, Erica Shaw has now vanished. In the race to find her, the police uncover evidence that leave them wondering, was she ever actually a victim?

This isn’t DS Ali Green’s first murder case. But only recently recovered from her near-fatal injuries and battling some personal demons of her own, she’s out for justice.

One thing’s for sure. Not everyone is going to make it out of this alive.

Previously in the series

Normal by Graeme Cameron

The author replies to the question of will there be a sequel?

My thoughts

A few years ago, Graeme Cameron made us all fall in love with a very special serial killer. Normal introduced a normal everyday chap, who just happens to kill people. I loved him. I laughed. I (almost) cried. Dark humour at its best. Dead Girls is the much longed for follow up to Normal. How fabulous!

Obviously do not read Dead Girls, without reading Normal first. This is to avoid confusion/tears/the pulling out of hair. This is very much a sequel, which relies on your knowledge from the first book.

Dead Girls takes us to the moment, where our favourite serial killer is about to be caught. We see Detective Sargeant Ali Green being taken down. This results in Ali struggling with memory loss. She cannot remember the face of the killer. She struggles to retain key facts. This she conceals from her work colleagues, to be allowed back onto the hunt for our killer. Life for Ali is one big battle. Our killer from Normal is still lurking in the shadows. Can this killer be finally beaten?

This was fun, with some amusing moments of action and hilarity. We were left with a bit of a cliffhanger in Normal. We expected our anti hero to be caught. However Graeme Cameron plays beautifully with us. That moment is delayed and delayed. Dead Girls is a worthy successor to Normal. I did not think it matched the quirky darkness of Normal. Normal was unique though. The emphasis now is very different. This time, we really get into the head of Ali and see how she copes with a profound memory problem. A girl with a memory problem trying to find the killer, who assaulted her. What is not to love?

If you fell in love with Normal, you must get your hands on Dead Girls. If you haven’t read either book, shame on you. You know what to do. If you love your crime with a dollop of dark humour, look no further. This is a killer read. Recommended.


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