Murder Mile – Lynda La Plante (Tennison 4)


Murder Mile is published by Zaffre on 23 August 2018 and is available to purchase here

Prime Suspect meets Ashes to Ashes as we see Jane Tennison starting out on her police career . . .

The fourth in the Sunday Times bestselling Jane Tennison thrillers, MURDER MILE is set at the height of the ‘Winter of Discontent’. Can Jane Tennison uncover a serial killer? 

February, 1979, ‘The Winter of Discontent’. Economic chaos has led to widespread strikes across Britain.

Jane Tennison, now a Detective Sergeant, has been posted to Peckham CID, one of London’s toughest areas. As the rubbish on the streets begins to pile up, so does the murder count: two bodies in as many days.

There are no suspects and the manner of death is different in each case. The only link between the two victims is the location of the bodies, found within a short distance of each other near Rye Lane in Peckham. Three days later another murder occurs in the same area. Press headlines scream that a serial killer is loose on ‘Murder Mile’ and that police incompetence is hampering the investigation.

Jane is under immense pressure to catch the killer before they strike again.Working long hours with little sleep, what she uncovers leaves her doubting her own mind.

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My thoughts

I absolutely love Jane Tennison. She is my all time favourite character. I remember watching Prime Suspect in the early 1990s, as a teenager. This is the hit series featuring the gorgeous Helen Mirren. I have always loved Jane’s intelligence and attitude. It was an inspired idea by Lynda La Plante to give us Jane’s early years. I am such a fan. I just cannot wait until we get to the early 1980s. Murder Mile is book four and it takes us to 1979.

Tennison is now a Detective Sargeant, working in Peckham CID. It is 1979 and the Winter of Discontent. This was a time, when Britain was struggling. Public sector strikes lead to three day weeks. Rubbish was piling high, in the streets. Events would lead to Mrs Thatcher becoming Prime Minister. Tennison and her colleague are called to an incident. A young woman has been found dead in Bussey Alley, in Peckham. Soon another body is discovered unexpectedly close by. How are these two people connected? The death rate in Peckham is soon escalating. It looks like there is a clear prime suspect for the police to focus on. Jane Tennison is soon very suspicious of someone else.

I had so much fun reading this. In the previous book, I was concerned that we were missing some of the hard edged kick ass Jane that we know and love. She was not quite our Jane Tennison, with a tough edge to her. In Murder Mile, we see Tennison shine. She has grown as a character, through her difficult experiences. She is no longer naive and innocent. She listens to her instincts. She is prepared to speak her mind, when she thinks she is right. What a woman! Jane is still in a world, where she has to work twice as hard to be listened to or treated with respect. She is questioned in her role, just because she is female. As she says on one occasion, if she was a man she would be patted on the back. As a woman, she is given a bollocking.

It is always a joy to be back with Jane Tennison. I am now itching to re-watch Prime Suspect, for the millionth time. Lynda La Plante weaves a delightful plot, with Jane showing her brilliance in sussing out crime scenes and seeing through lies. We see what life was like in 1979, with strikes, sexism and the odd bit of homophobia thrown in. I am not sure I could have coped with the stench of 1979. I could not read Murder Mile fast enough. My Tennison love has multiplied. I cannot wait for more.



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    Can’t wait to read this – I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched the original Prime Suspect series!

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