Fatal Harmony (Alice Quentin Book 6) – Kate Rhodes


Fatal Harmony was published on 30 September 2018 by Amazon Media and is available to purchase here

Forensic psychologist Alice Quentin is facing her toughest challenge yet. An escapee from a high security psychiatric unit is murdering victims at famous locations in West London, but the only clues he leaves behind are the melodies composed at the addresses where his victims are slaughtered. Alice must enter the mind of a twisted musical prodigy to end his killing spree.

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My thoughts

It is such a relief to have a new Alice Quentin story. I was worried that Alice had been very much forgotten, since Kate Rhodes started her Scilly Isles based Ben Kitto series. I absolutely recommend both series to anyone who is not familiar with the work of Kate Rhodes. Alice Quentin is a wonderful and strong character. Fatal Harmony is the sixth story featuring forensic psychologist, Alice Quentin.

Alice is up against a complex narcissistic sociopathic mind. Our killer has a strange obsession with music. He has a desire for recognition. He is a cunning master of disguise. He escapes from a high security hospital, with murder in mind. Alice may be in danger. Will Alice and Burns solve his bizarre clues and find this almost invisible killer?

As usual, Kate Rhodes gives us a thrill packed and heart-thumping drama. We get more of our clever Alice. A weird and strangely alluring musical killer. We have the on-going bumpy relationship between Alice and Burns, as they are forced to work together again. Burns is leading the hunt for the killer. We see some lighter moments of relief, with Alice and her best female friend. All in all, this is excellent and impossible to put down. I even felt sorry for our killer. I think I must have fallen under his spell.

One little thing. To the author. My kindle unlimited copy had a few spelling errors. I counted four. I probably missed a few in my speed reading. Please do something about them, as a matter of urgency. It is so distracting.

Fabulous. The best. More Alice, please! I am putting in my order for Alice Quentin book 7. I am also chomping at the bit for Ben Kitto. Kate Rhodes is definitely one of the best crime writers out there.



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