Author Interviews / Discussions/ Question and Answers/ Extracts


Author Interviews, Cover Reveals, Discussions, Q&As and Extracts Bird (A. L. Bird) on the structure of her novel 2014 Ekback on why she writes 2015 talks about plot development – The Distance 2015 Q&A as part of The Last Days of Disco – March 2015 on Post Traumatic Reactions – Hidden April 2015 is asked ‘Will there be a sequel to ‘Normal’? – Normal April 2015– They’re Watching You guest post by Nikki Owen – The Spider in the Corner of the Room – June 2015 – Cover Reveal of ‘The Girl Who Broke the Rules’ – July 2015

Tim Weaver – Christine and Liz from Liz Love Books talk ‘What Remains’ by Tim Weaver 2015 – Meeting Marnie Rome – an exclusive – August 2015 interviewed for Bloody Scotland – 2015 on writing 2015 -An extract- Meet Colin Crampton from Headline Murder – August 2015 -Who is Solomon Creed? – 2015 Q&A celebrating the paperback publication of You Are Dead 2015

Jane Casey chats to Christine and Liz from Liz Loves Books 2015 -Goodbye Spider:Hello Subject 375 (the new name for The Spider in the Corner of the Room ) 2015 – News and Cover Reveal of ‘An Unfamiliar Murder’ 2015 – Q&A with Ragnar Jonasson as part of Nightblind 2016 – Extract and Giveaway of ‘Coffin Road’ by Peter May 2016 – An exclusive interview with the ghost of Jack the Ripper for the publication of Jonathan Dark by AK Benedict 2016 – The Appeal of Crime Fiction -on the release of Journey to Death 2016 – Q&A on the release of Spy Games – 2016 – The Cast of ‘Between You and Me’ 2016 – Exclusive Extract of ‘The Girl Who Walked in the Shadows’ 2016 – A Time of Torment – Anti-Heroes article 2016 – Lindsey Davis on Longevity 2016 – Character Profile of Selena Cole – The Missing 2016 – Conventions in Gothic Horror – Abigale Hall 2016 – Inspiration Behind the Mother/Daughter Relationship -In Too Deep 2016 – Losing Your Identity – Spare Me The Truth 2016 – Jewel in the Crown Blogger Treasure Hunt – Vaseem Khan – 2016 – Exclusive Extract of ‘Blood Torment’ 2016 – Phobias – A Tapping At My Door 2016 – Quantrill Talks: The Dead Can’t Talk – Writing Provincial Crime 2016

David Jackson – Crimefest 2016: Meet the Authors

Corrie Jackson – Crimefest 2016: Meet the Authors – Extract of ‘Cold’ 2016 – Cover Reveal of ‘Truth Will Out’ 2016 – Q&A about Yorkshire – When The Music’s Over 2016 – Inspiration behind ‘Cut to the Bone’ 2016 – Her Five Writing Commandments- Silent Scream 2016

News: The Madeleine Milburn Summer Writing Competition Opens Friday 22nd July 2016– A Living Death – Try Not To Breathe 2016 – My Browser History – 2016 – A Quick Tour of Hot Springs, Arkansas USA 2016 – Q&A on the publication in paperback of DEAD PRETTY 2016

Michael Grothaus Crimefest 2016: Meet the Authors

Modern Crimes by Chris Nickson – Launch at Leeds Waterstones on 22nd September 2016 – Guest post ‘The Scandalous Story of What the Butler Saw’ 2016

Steph Broadribb – countdown to publication of Deep Down Dead 2016 on the release of 30 Seconds Before 2016 talks Dystopian novels on the release of Zero 2016 talks Alexandra Thorne on the paperback release of Evil Games 2017 – How I plot my novels on the release of Stasi Wolf 2017 – talks Behind the Book on the UK release of The Good Daughter 2017 MANCHESTER on the release of Born Bad 2017

Remembering Helen Cadbury – A Tribute On the passing of Helen Cadbury on 30/6/2017

Bradford Literature Festival – Secrets of Crime Writing – 8 July 2017 starring Alex Caan, Vaseem Khan, A. A. Dhand and Abir Mukherjeee

Bradford Literature Festival – Psycho Thrillers 8 July 2017 with Adam Hamdy, Louise Doughty and Steve Mosby

Sweet Little Lies by Caz Frear #SweetLittleLies Guest Post: How it feels to be the Richard and Judy Search for a Bestseller winner – an honest reflection

Northern Crime is a Top 50 Crime Novel Blog

Perfect Prey by Helen Fields – Blog Tour Guest Post on small screen recommendations and a review of #PerfectPrey

Kill Me Twice by Simon Booker – Blog Tour Extract

The Year of the Gun by Chris Nickson -Blog Tour Special Guest Post – Women in the Police

Find Me by J. S. Monroe – Exclusive Extract – Blog Tour @jsthrillers @headofzeus

Trading Down – Stephen Norman #BlogTour Extract & #Competition #TradingDown @stephennorman49 @EndeavourPress

Perfect Death by Helen Fields #blogtour #exclusive extract

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